Episode 10. The Dam Busters!

A celebration of the industrious, hard working beaver. Who’s a bloody nuisance. The Dam Busters, Valley style. Kashub Days.  A brief history of Polish people in Renfrew county. Poles meet the Kashubs! A review of Andy’s choir concert and their traditional vocal hygiene.

The Log Driver’s Song

The Log Driver’s Waltz

Episode 9. The Spring Critter Count

Spring has truly taken hold in the Ottawa Valley and it is good. However, Steve’s daughter’s dog’s has health maladies. The spring critter count update. Suicidal deer and turkeys. Charlie the stupid raccoon. The sacred raccoon burial ground. Insurance claims and deer hair. The smelt takeover of Golden Lake. Fascinating information on all these aspects of life.

Episode 8. Release the Dragonflies!

With spring truly here the lads lament the end of curling season, then discuss exciting modern advances like digital television, digital rabbit ears and digital pizzas. Onto spring flooding, half loads. The session ends with still more discussion of the Canadian Senate.

Episode 5. Touring the Opeongo

A chat about some of the sights as you tour the Opeongo Line. Some interesting history about the towns of Balaclava, Deacon, Foymount, and others. Racism! Hockey! Fighting! Hockey Fighting! And a nod to Stompin’ Tom Connors.


Episode 3. Vic Goes to Cuba

Vic goes to Cuba! A recap of his hot, sunny Caribbean Vacation. More on the hole in Toronto! Bitterness about furnaces. Ice fishing. The big one! Cuban recycling and crafts. A new song about Canadians travelling to Cuba.

Wild Mink and the Men’s Cake Bake

Wild mink threatening joggers! Discussion of the upcoming winter fairs including the major SnoFun versus Snow Fun Vs Sno-Fun controversy! TheBraeside Men’s Cake Bake! A song from Steve which sounds like it’ll be the theme song.

An exciting kickoff to Talkin Valley.

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