Episode 49. The Usual

Recorded live at the Step N Back Diner in Renfrew. The Usual. Cool or boring? Live at the Step N Back Diner in Industrial Renfrew. Putting vintage hockey cards in your bicycle spokes. Brier talk. Seven dollar gingerale. Events are comin’ hard. St. Patrick’s Week. Welcome to Frank Belanger. Breakfast is served. Talkin sap. Seedy Sunday. The first meeting of the Cheryl Gallant Appreciation Society, admission 1 ham.

Episode 48. Snowmobile Races Without Gas

How do you make curling rocks? It’s a cutter! Disposable curling rocks; another great business idea. We’re better than the Scots, we beat em at whisky, we beat em at curling surely we can make rocks. The Bonnechere Cup snowmobile races, without gas.  Pissing contests. Scotch eggs. Syrian refugee receptions. A bad year for outdoor rinks, except for ones made by Tommy TwoTone. Lottery tickets. Horses don’t need mufflers, maybe soft shoes.

Episode 47. The Only Curling Rocks

A bit slow posting this week. Two big snowstorms knocked out Andy’s internet. All is well and we’re back to subzero temperatures again.

Comparing curling skill versus alcohol intake. New broom technology is a whole new ball game. Negative sweeping. Turns out curlers cheat as much as cyclists. There’s only one type of granite that you can make curling rocks out of. (*note, turns out Vic’s a liar; there are other sources.*) Two simultaneous conversations make for great podcasts. Brudenell granite can make a church. Name dropping. Kinder? Barney McCaffrey

Episode 46. The Loyal Orange March

Start with a segue? We’re trying to put our podcast on Stitcher. Vic doesn’t understand. In Eganville someone actually stole a VCR with perhaps a street value of $5, with an Easy Bake Oven thrown in. No, now the segue comes in. The shutdown of the Loyal Orange parade in Eganville, 1870 thanks to Father Byrne. Or a good cold winter. Sir John A and some valley election lore. The Battle of Brudenell. Don’t Bring Ax Handles to a gunfight. A brief touch on US Presidential politics. Cheryl as Trump’s running mate. Political bobbleheads.

Episode 45. Who’s In Charge?

Greetings. Who’s in charge in Renfrew County? There are Reeves and Mayors and Wardens and cities and not cities. Who’s got the money? Where does the money go? Update on the Presidential election. On the topic of America, there was a Super Bowl. In Canada, there was the Ontario Tankard. Lady Gaga and the Air Force Fly By versus the NAC Orchestra Brass.  Opeongo High School. Next episode preview.

Episode 44.

Shameless self promotion. Vic wants to know what would bring people to the Valley. Poor people know how to share. Pink walls as a design statement. Make your own fun. And your own segues. Robbie Burns Day and local Scottish Lore. A big fish from Lake Clear. Cat like big fish. IMG_0769Archibald Laird McNab from Scotland. From away locals vs local from aways. Big old summary of how to live in the Valley.

Episode 43. Joseph Montferrand

Big Joe Mufferaw was actually Joseph Montferrand. There have been several collections of tall tales of Joe Mufferaw, this one from Bernie Bedore.

Steve tells a couple of the tales. Joe vs. the Irish. Joe hiding in the river, kicking the bar ceilings.

A bit of talk on the lumber camps. A good cook is worth his weight in pies.

A bit of talk on policing in the area. Doctors. Then dentistry and Hamilton. And that means it’s time to stop.

Episode 42. Vic is On to Something. A New Business Plan

Online bootlegging. Crown Royal Northern Harvest Rye. Drink your losses. Moonshining for long term gains. Aging your shine. Valley Shine ©2016. The legal viewpoint and solutions to the 3 year aging issue. Bitcoin! Syrian Cuisine and their effect on Valley Dining. The new red meat?

Episode 41. Where Have All the Bell Bottoms Gone

Welcome to 2016 and we’re starting the year by recording live in Eganville. What’s the difference between Amish and Mennonites? Start your own church! Solar Power Mennonites! When is Heritage verses just old? Turquoise cars. The Killaloe restaurant scene. Perhaps Syrian Refugees will open new restaurants. Toronto grousing. Danceland! The Hog Wrassle! Every town has their own decade. Where have the Bell Bottoms gone? Lumbersexuals, cultural appropriation? Getting that “lived in look”. Different Camo-wear.

Episode 40. Christmas Hugging Techniques

Kids running in the mud. How to do ice fishing without ice using 2 canoes and a fish shack. Men are getting grabby. Various man hug techniques. Non-consensual hugs. No more cut your own. At least not legally. Vic’s sweater. The end. A new festive tune from Steve.

Season’s Greetings from all of us to all of you.

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