Episode 59. Kakistocracy and Stealth Fighters

Trees and forestry are good and we’ve got lots! The sawdust pipeline?  Make roads wider. Money bags. A town run by a kakistocracy! The North Algoma Gravel Gap. Cheryl’s latest letter to constituents, your savings at risk! The Stealth Fighters that nobody knows about them. The Stealth Subs. Larger than life. The new Brudenell church bell, the Haven fire extinguisher,  Dragons Den and loads of good news!

Episode 57. Biking and Vic’s Auction Tips

Good biking here. Some tips on trying to buy a bike at an auction. Beware of fleabaggers. Spot the Greenies, know the Fleabaggers. Get buzzed. Diligence! Patience! Perserverence! This week’s treasures and the crown jewel of auction finds. Variation in Auctioneering. Sound gear? People are crazy about blue glass. The ban on assisted opening knives. HR Pufnstuf. hrpufnstuf-16

Episode 56. Colin Wylie and the Barr Line

Methodists on the Barr line. Kashubi Days on May 7th in WIlno. Andy’s next Trivia contest is 80’s trivia and we do some training. Why are we yelling? More segues. We eventually talk to our guest, Colin Wylie, proprietor of Old Church Recording studio. Colin’s youthful life of break and entering then recording in Pembroke. He then shares his evolution as a musician. We finish hearing Colin play an excerpt of a tune called “Elliot”.

Episode 55. Adam McKinty

Adam is the founder of the now departed Neat Coffee Shop. Seven years ago he opened his shop in a century old former schoolhouse in the bustling metropolis of Burnstown, Ontario. They started doing shows in the old classroom and quickly became one of the top performance venues in the country. We talk about how this happened  and some of the highlights over the years. Unfortunately, due to financial pressures the shop has had to close and Adam isn’t shy about explaining what happened. A revealing conversation about the struggles of a small business in our area.

Episode 54. Some of Us Will Never Update

Andy’s Church stardom. Vic’s wood handling prowess. Wood pile face. Zurakowski; if he was American he would have been an astronaut, he’s Canadian and ended up with a hardware store in Barry’s Bay. Free Barry’s Bay wifi. Free Wilno wifi. K mart? Hiding billions of dollars. The poetry of weather forecasting. The bus cancellation website. The Bar in Barr or on the Barr Line.

Episode 53. Who’s Shtuppin’ Who?

Training to be a senior with onion rings. Promoting other podcasts, CBC has a podcast called Someone Knows Something about a missing child from our area near Calabogie. VIc tried to remember the impact from his childhood. Continuing the promotion Steve asks about LetterKenny. Al Capone had a hideout at Letterkenny Road. Andy’s lesson about TV watching and twitter. Steve worries about Appsley and Grandpa scams. More about aliens. Who’s shtuppin who? Identifying by truck. “Hey Mike!”

Episode 52. Hot Bricks and Fairness for All

Random chatting about old time hockey. People sat on hot bricks. Vic’s a bit late so it starts with Andy and Steve. Concussions. Vic’s arrival. Really exciting discussion about data plans and wifi. Trying to decide how far to drive to get cheaper gas. The multicultural bonspiel. Curling broom update.

Episode 51

Andy’s ski trip. Cross country skiing is like slot cars. A Valley controversy, the Visitor Centre! Explanation of the taxation problem. And now, a Trivia Contest!

The category is: “Cheryl or Donald!” Who made the quote, Cheryl Gallant or Donald Trump? A high intensity game, soon to be National.

Sap run update. The Douglas St. Patrick’s day parade review. Calabogie Ski hill draft taps. Steve’s big vinyl find.

Episode 50. Frank Belanger

Once again recording at the Step N Back Diner, this week with the best known man in Renfrew, Frank Belanger. Trivia in the area with Frank and Andy crowing about their recent victory. We talk with Frank about his involvement in Special Olympics, local music and the Blues. As always, the conversation circles back to Cheryl. More community radio gossip. Which animal should be the Talkin Valley mascot. Beware the Wild Turkeys. An abrupt ending as the recorder ran out of battery.

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