1. What’s FAQ?    Frequently Asked Questions. They’re like questions that many people ask so by putting those answers up it saves us all time.

2. What’s a podcast?   A podcast is a pre-recorded entertainment which has been created by pod people. The last part’s a joke. Podcasts are generally audio but there are some video podcasts as well. Think of them as a radio show that your cousin taped for you.

3. How do I listen to a podcast? I’ll avoid the obvious ear reference. Typically one gets a program or app called a podcast aggregator which does the work for you. You find the shows that interest you by searching or having them recommended by the program or friends, you subscribe, then the program will download them for you so you can listen offline, whenever you darned well feel like. Alternatively, if the podcast has a website, you can usually stream or download it directly from the site.

4. Subscribe? That sounds expensive.  Typically podcasts are free. Some will try and get you to pay money by donations or subscriptions through something like patreon.com but the vast majority are free. Subscribing just means that the podcast thingy you use will download new episodes when they are available.

5. Okay, I’m sold. So how do I do it?  For Pete’s sake I just told you! Okay, simplest and likely most popular is Itunes. If you use Ipods or phones or watches or ihamsters you can use either the itunes on your computer and sync the podcasts to your device or you can just go through the podcast app that’s already on the device. There are different 3rd party ones you can use as well. I use Instacast which is free. There’s also PocketCasts and Downcast which are both highly rated. For android devices there’s PocketCasts, Doggcatcher, Podkicker, and Stitcher. Stitcher seems to be useful for many things but I know nothing about it.

6. No Dummy, I want your podcast. Oh, you are a swell person. Well, as stated above you can listen right here. You can either stream the file or download it and listen later. We are on Itunes; search “TalkinValley” and it should come right up as a podcast.

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