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Andy moved to the Valley to celebrate the Millennium and has not looked back. So he doesn’t know if anyone is following. He hasn’t moved in years although his mailing address keeps changing as townships change boundaries. he grew up in the city and has a hard time learning the subtleties of hunting, ice fishing, and proper use of the word “youse”.┬áHe lives in a log house in the middle of nowhere and is learning how to be a crazy cat person.


Steve is a Valley lad who works for a Valley newspaper and has seen
it all. He loves all things local but has a jaundiced view of local
politics and gossip as a result of years as a reporter, during which
time, he has seen it all.

Steve is played by Ish Theilheimer, a local from-away, who has lived
in the Valley long enough to have become a local character as a
journalist, songwriter, playwright and performer and to know he will
never be considered truly local.

Valley Vic

Born and raised on a small farm in the hills around Killaloe, Vic left the farm for the big city. But after 10 years, realizing that there was no better place to raise a family than the Valley he moved back. He has seen life from both sides of the street and is convinced that life for him is better in the slow lane.

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