Episode 69. Honey Locusts, Mittens and Elephants.

Steve’s tales of museums and honey locust seeds. It’s a good apple year. The Michigan Mitten and the Ontario Elephant. Cheryl’s in trouble again. Blame it on Toronto. Steve bringing more rain. The similarities between Renfrew roads and Andy’s underwear drawer. Flat road snakes. Infrastructure money, but none for underwear. Can’t please anybody, vote for Cheryl.elephant miteen

Episode 66. Buckets.

Newfoundland tourism report. Air Miles strategies. Buckets of money and buckets of rain when Steve goes to an event. Andy’s childhood memories. Isabel for Senator and her campaign bus. Tour de Bonnechere. There should be a prize only for 6th place. Downhill bike speed as you age. The Killaloe Fair. The history of BeaverTails. Tales of Tails. It’s been a while so we yammer on a bit.

Episode 65. Melissa’s Running Shorts

Controversy! With the upcoming Olympics people are very upset at Melissa Bishop’s revealing running outfit. Which is the same as every other female runner’s outfit. Valley manners and Dear Muriel. Appropriate gifts for teachers. The neighbour’s worm digging issues. Solutions for problem neighbours. Golf vs Curling. Going out on good news.

Episode 64. It’s Been A Month

Vic’s trip to Newfoundland. The strategy of the fold out couch. Luxury travel and accommodations. Multiple screechings. Newfoundland liquor stores are one third rum. Puffin versus Cod.  Seafood reviews. Smokers have a better social life. The National Legion Meeting. The man door and the pottin shed. Air B&B. Uber. User reviews. The Montreal pub jam and etiquette.

Episode 63. Bill Rainboth and the Dragonfly Golf Links

Bill Rainboth is the General Manager of the Dragonfly Golf Links in Renfrew, Ontario. We have a great chat about his background in the golf industry and how he ended up here in Renfrew. Turns out golf has changed a great deal in the time he has been at it. The main thing for golfers is that this is the best time ever; there are more golf courses than ever and prices are lower than ever. Thus, courses have to be very aggressive in pursuing customers and offering value. It’s a bit windy out on the patio so the sound isn’t great. Call it a bogey.

Episode 62. 2016 is Wreaking Havoc

This week Steve is in Montreal and Vic is bringing his ways to Newfoundland so Andy is solo. Thus, he heads back to Old Church Recording Studios and has a chat about stuff with Colin Whyte. The Cobden Pond Hockey League; the musical! Morphs to the high school baseball pitcher. Dumb is universal. Oh no, a serious turn. More serious turns, now discussing how to make it in the music biz. The evil chorus pedals. The NASA chorus pedal. Used amp advertising, “Lady OverDriven”. Leather vests and chest hair. 2016 is wreaking havoc.  ELP, Nash the Slash.

Episode 61. The Future May Be Soccer

There’s less kids. Education. Not enough people know how to screw in light bulbs or break into their own cars. Gold stars and streams. Vic’s car breaking into service. Turning it into a reality show. Travelling kit. 100 kids playing Soccer! Stupid versus idiot. Soccer versus hockey. Nobody actually knows who’s in the Stanley Cup. Messi good.

Episode 60. Needing a New Acronymn

Renfrew is under construction. Detours around the detours. The final answer to the train station / visitor centre controversy in Barry’s Bay. Putting the cost of public services in Tim Horton’s coffee prices. Makes more sense. Unlike the actual vote results. NAW! Need a new acronymn. Cheryl will call you back. The Gatineau Passport Office! Hospital wait times and wifi.  Arnprior is different. The step dance recital. Buster Brown. A song about our diner by Steve.

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